Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project [free] headboards: Complete!

Sooo, I started this project about 100 years ago. Remember when I posted about finding these beauties for FREE at an otherwise terrible yard sale? 

Remember how the mr was kind enough to actually turn around, load them up, and haul them home for me? Well, I had big plans for these babies. They were going to be painted in bright colors, hung right side up, but not together....

Well, this is how they ended up: Same finish I found them with [minus some dirt], hung upside down, butted right up against each other. 

Sometimes plans change.

I have actually had the chalkboard one done for some time now, and I finally finished the corkboard one last week by demolishing [okay by the mr demolishing] some clearance bulletin boards from Walmart. I have been wanting to get them up for a while now, but we have just not been home enough to even worry with it. Well, yesterday the mr got out his drill and did the job. It was at this moment that they accidentally ended up touching, and I accidentally ended up loving them that way. So there they are...not quite as I had originally planned, but maybe just a little better...and I can always paint them later. 

I am so thankful to have a place where I can easily interchange photos, notes, and cards with such ease. Yay for free junk.

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Be happy!