Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Business Card designs

Yesterday I started working on redesigning my website and business cards...basically I wanted an entirely new brand. My current [soon to be old] business cards have a bridal portrait on them, and since I have decided against photographing weddings right now...well, I figured that wasn't the best marketing strategy. I also wanted a more fun and casual feel to both. My card was a little too stuffy for me. I have put together 3 business card options right now, and I can't decide which one I like...or if I like any of them enough to print them. 

I had to put them on this icky gray box so the white edges didn't just blend into the background.

For the first two I used my own handwriting and the camera eraser stamp combined with the "tiny love stamp" from my last post. I put them into photoshop, changed the color, and created different combinations. I like those two for that reason, but I am just really indecisive. One time I like option 2, but the next time I like the cleaner look of option 3. Any feedback?

Be happy!



  1. This faithful blog reader;) likes option 2. But as with everything you do, they are all cute!

    1. Thanks! Your opinion means a lot to me. I have received various opinions, and at first no one said that one...but I think now that is the favorite and my initial pick. That is very helpful!

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