Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In the works

Though I am completely finished with my colorful crate shelving creation [thanks to the mr] I still haven't got it all "put together". I am hoping to accomplish a final clean sweep through the office finishing all projects that have been in the works for a while. 

I just started this one a few minutes ago, and I would have finished except my other photo prints have not arrived in the mail yet.

I will attach the photos better once I know that they won't be moved around some more. Super easy, cheap, and fast project to fill that empty space over my new crate shelving.

A few other projects that have been laying around needing finished include: my dress slacks with a loose button, the click clutch that needs a wrist strap, halfway finished crochet [hat] project, and putting all of my super old photos in albums [been moving that box around since we moved in over a year ago].  Plus, I really need to do an overhaul on my photography website. It is sad and very outdated.

I have been working hard over the last couple of weeks to get caught up and hopefully stay that way. It is amazing how much more time I have had since we got rid of our cable. I haven't missed it at all. Instead of coming home and hanging out on the couch after dinner every night I just keep going. As a result, my house is cleaner, my to-do list is shorter, and I have had more time for projects than I have had in months!

Be happy...and accomplished! 


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