Tuesday, January 17, 2012

comparison is a thief of joy

I read these words [Comparison is a thief of joy] in this post on Ashley's blog last summer, and I wrote them on my the chalkboard in my office. I would read them often, and even since they have been erased I have to say these words to myself a lot. However, I don't think it has been truly sinking in. You see, I find myself looking at blogs, designs, other artists and photographers, and far too often I compare myself to them. It may not always be my skills and abilities but instead it might be my success or notoriety [or lack of]. It is frustrating to read so many bloggers and etsy sellers who seem to have had "overnight" success when I feel like I blog only for myself, and I have yet to make an etsy sale. I know I shouldn't, but I compare myself. I look at these super talented, creative, and ambitious people, and I find myself wishing to be more like them or wishing that my house looked as cute as theirs or that I was as fashionable, as risk-taking, or as driven as them....we are talking silly stuff here, people! And like I said, no matter how many times I would repeat those words to myself....Comparison is a thief of joy...their impact never lasted long enough. I would go right back to bleh. Comparison has stolen my joy several times. I start feeling down about myself for not being as talented or successful as someone else, and that leads to me creating even less until I just wonder why I am doing any of this crafty/artsy/bloggy stuff. Dramatic? Yes. True? Unfortunately. 

Now I am not one of those people that often feels that God smacks me right in the head with something, but I think He did this weekend. One of the verses we discussed in Sunday school this weekend was Psalm 139:14 {I will praise You because I have been remarkably and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, and I know this very well}. Hellllooo! Yeah, maybe you could take that in different ways, but I know it was talking directly to me. There needed to be no other explanation at all. I read that, and I just got it. It immediately gave me a sense of relief and comfort without having to defend or justify myself to myself. It is just what I needed. God does not want us to compare one of his creations to another, and ultimately that is not our job. We are not to judge others or ourselves in comparison. Now when if I start to compare myself to someone else I will remember that verse. I have thought it to myself several times. Now when I think "Comparison is a thief of joy" I also remember that I am remarkably and wonderfully made with no reason to compare myself to anyone. He told me so.

Be happy! 

-Katie Beth


  1. Wonderful post!! Your words spoke directly to me, too. We are perfectionists, so it's in our nature to be the way we are. But know that I look forward to reading your blog and learning about the newest crafty that is consuming your time. You are beyond talented and I love that you are your own person. I am your biggest fan and always will be. Just be patient and never give up.

  2. "jbrents" I love you. You are the best. End. Of. Story.