Monday, January 16, 2012

my indoor forest

So I have had this project rolling around in my head off and on for a long time now. I kept thinking about it, but it just seemed a little ambitious and I always have so many other projects to do. Well, this weekend I tackled not one but TWO ambitious projects [as in, bigger than an embroidery hoop or throw pillow]. I will share my colorful crate shelf as soon as I finish accessorizing it. This is my [subtle] indoor birch forest.

If you are wondering where the forest is squint your eyes and look again. It is there. It is subtle, but it is there. I didn't want it to be super duper bold, which is why I chose white on my very light "chocolate froth" walls. Maybe someday when I am feeling ambitious again I will go over all the lines...but I wouldn't hold my breath for that one.
 It does show up better in person. I love it. Here is a closeup shot of it. 

I used these fancy guys [straight edge ruler taped to a level] to make my lines.

My level wasn't very long so I taped my straight edge to it to add length. Then, after I decided to work around the very heavy and difficult to hang shelf, I realized that my ruler was too long to fit between the shelf and the ceiling...that is when I made the little bitty guy.

It was definitely a learning experience. If I were to do it again I would not bother penciling the lines on first. I ended up having to erase them all before using my white paint pen because the paint is not good enough to cover the just smears the pencil and actually makes it look darker! Since I didn't measure or have a certain method for the width of the trees and spaces, I would just start with my level and ruler tool and start painting! Lesson learned. I am still pleased with the outcome.

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p.s. Ashley posted a pic of the painting I sent her as a thanks.

Be happy...and ambitious!


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