Friday, January 20, 2012

Colored crate shelving

I almost bought one of these unfinished, wooden crates from Hobby Lobby early last week but talked myself out of it.
 I have been trying to stop buying stuff that I don't have a clear purpose for so it doesn't pile up and become wasteful. But then when I came home I was sketching some things in my notebook, and I came up with the idea to stack the crates into a shelving unit. Luckily, Nicholas thought it was a good idea, so we went that night to get the crates [on sale for $4.79 each]. I didn't know exactly how I would stack them, so we just got the eight that they had.

I debated over painting them each a different color or painting them a dark brown...of course the color idea won out! Nicholas helped me get them to the basement. 

I kind of got busy [and messy] so I failed to take photos of the in-between stuff, but here is the finished project. [Please try to ignore the mess spilling out of the closet I desperately need to clean].

I must give Nicholas the credit for attaching the crates together. I have never once regretted buying him that drill! He has become pretty handy with it, and though I could probably figure it out eventually, I am thankful that he is willing to help with my projects.

I am sure most of it will change as I continue to work and reorganize as I always do. Until then: 

Simple coffee can with a fabric strip...cute, cheap, and easy storage!

Cardboard L covered I cut out and covered in fabric strips and a hand painted canvas.

The little guy above was a gift from the mr. on our first Christmas.

A while back in this post I shared my embarrassingly messy office. I am proud now to share that the floor and table are [almost completely] free of clutter! 

This table has not been that clean since I got it! I am eager to get my photo wall project finished and a few final touches so I can try to get some shots of the entire room. Finally...progress!

Be happy!


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