Monday, October 31, 2011


I was pretty excited when Brandi from A Nifty Disposition asked me to answer a few questions about organization for a post she was planning. I think it was perfect timing as it got me to thinking about how organized [or NOT organized] I have been lately as well as ways that I can improve and become more efficient. It was fun as well as beneficial for me. She also featured a few other ladies so check it out!

If loving organization is wrong, I don't want to be right.

I already have more plans and to-do things just from answering these questions. I can't wait to get my new super duper organizational binder put together...after I edit a million photos! 
I had several more sessions over the weekend while in Arkansas, and I do have a few ready to share. 

I had some great sessions with fun people. Everyone was a great sport...even when climbing through head high grass and other sorts of wilderness!

Be happy...and safe this Halloween!

-Katie Beth

Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Arkansas Photo Sessions

I am in AR again, and it has been a fun and busy time as always. I got started as soon as I arrived with a couple of sessions at a new location. I can already tell it is going to be a favorite! I shot with my sis and her growing family and finished up with this family session:

And another shot of my favorite dog all dressed up! 

I worked on #10 from my 2012 list today. I got some snuggles from Georgie! I also got to spend time with my sis, and I have more fun visits and photos this weekend. I can't wait! 

Be happy! 

-Katie Beth

Sunday, October 23, 2011

pink pearl stamp click clutch

A few months ago I came across this post from Ashley of Under the Sycamore, and I knew it was too simple and fun not to try. I don't think it was long after that when I sat down with this: 

I sketched on my image with a pencil [ironic, yes], and I used an Exacto knife to turn it into this:

Today I stamped it on my envelope clutch that I bought from Hobby Lobby and added the text with my old stamp set.



I planned on adding something to this clutch when I bought it months ago, but I didn't want it to be the same old flowers and frills. This is just what I was wanting. I love the contrast of the graphic stamp with the texture of the clutch. I may still add a black strap for easier carrying, but ultimately I think this [very long drawn out] project is a success!

I also got to work, and I think I can mark #11 off my list. After church I headed down to the basement for some dirty work fun. I got it rearranged and as clean as an old damp basement can be. I made a space for painting, and I can already tell it is going to be a major help with productivity. I have several canvas that are already ready for text! Etsy, here I come!

Be happy!

-Katie Beth

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Scratch that off my {2012} list

So I don't have a lot of photos for this post, but I should have several "after" shots pretty soon. I have been pretty busy today! I mentioned [but never posted photos of] a freebie that I got from the side of the road a month or so ago. It was an old head and foot board from a dated baby bed in perfect structural condition. That was my first ever find like that, and I was so excited! I finally got to work today re-purposing them. This is the before [in my scary basement]: 

They look pretty rough in this condition, but they have a makeover in the works. 

I also got to work on a few things from my 12 by 2012 list!

1. I  got started on several painting projects for my etsy store!

2. I completely finished painting the shelf for my living room. Nicholas is going to help me hang it, and I am so excited to have that project complete. I already have the accessorizing all taken care of with another recent makeover, some past projects, and some prints of the photos we took a few weeks ago. 

3. Nicholas found a book today that would be a definite help on the html education, and I am hoping I can get it from the library to see if I like it [a.k.a. if I can understand it]. 

4. I got a good start on my office/craft room this week. It is by no means complete, but I got started cleaning and bought a couple of shelves for it today. I am feeling WORLDS better by knocking out this list!

5. The thing I am most proud of is my progress last weekend on photo edits and orders. I am still not quite finished, but I accomplished an incredible amount. Just two weddings to go!...until after this next week in Arkansas. Haha. 

6. I don't know if it counts [yet], but next week I will be spending every second possible with sweet Georgie. :)

I am feeling so great about getting things accomplished. Even though I worked a lot of hours this week I have still managed to get my house clean, keep it pretty clean, and knock out several projects. Thanks again for the inspiration Danni! 

Be productive!


Friday, October 14, 2011

12 before 2012


While reading through my blog list that I check daily I saw where Danni from Oh, hello friend: you are loved has posted a list of 12 things she wanted to accomplish by 2012. I was only able to quickly scan the main points of her list yesterday, but today as I read her thoughts on the list I knew I had to do it. I love to makes lists [I am the girl who will add something to a list just to get to mark it off], but usually my lists contain things that I absolutely have to do...or I have lists of the super fun projects I can't wait to start. Most of this new list is things that I definitely want to accomplish, but they are not urgent and usually get pushed to the back burner. Now that they are an official list and not just random thoughts in my head they shouldn't be forgotten, and it seems to give priority to these things. I think 12 was a perfect number. I had to think about the last few, but I had no real trouble forming the list. I am excited to accomplish everything, and I can't wait to share when all these things are checked off!

1. Take holiday photos for Christmas cards
2. Get caught up on all photo orders for a fresh start in the New Year
3. Organize and backup all personal and project photos. 
4. Totally clean, organize, and revamp my office/craft room. 
5. Complete, hang, and accessorize the shelf in the living room. 
6. Plan and book our trip to Disney World! 
7. Plan a really fun birthday for Nicholas [Dec. 31]
8. Learn more about the design functions [a.k.a. html] of my blog. 
9. Plan mini sessions [and make 'em happen] for 2012. 
10. Spend as much time as possible with my new niece. 
11. Create a positive and inspiring workspace for painting [in a not so inspiring basement]
12. Get everything ready for a grand opening of my etsy store in the New Year! 

I feel better already. These things are all things I look so forward to accomplishing, and it pushes me to get things done so I can mark things off every list I have. Maybe this was just the motivation I needed for this weekend's tasks! Wish me luck! 

And of course I have to post a photo...posts are better with photos. Here is one [I don't think I shared] of a wedding from a few weeks ago. 

Gonna go work on my lists! 

Be happy!

-Katie Beth

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Junk store goodies!

I am so thankful to have had this morning off work so that I could get started on some things. I feel much better just having given my kitchen a good deep cleaning and getting my bedroom mostly partially back in order. I still have a dandy to-do list, but I know if I can get the house back in order I will work much better. I have big plans for a super productive Saturday! If When I get my list knocked out I have some fun projects to work on. It will be a great reward! I still haven't done anything with the awesome free headboard that I brought home weeks ago, and it is calling my name. Plus, we stopped at an antique store on the way back from Arkansas, and I found some good stuff. I didn't have high hopes when we went in, but that usually brings the most awesome finds! 

I got this neat little hinged bench [which looks worse in person than in the photo] for $7.50. I don't hate the fabric, but it is gross and the padding is worn out. I plan to give it a fresh coat of paint on the ugly green legs and find some cute fabric for the top.

I also found this great fork and spoon for $3.00. A fresh coat of white paint will do the trick to make them pop off my bright turquoise walls in my kitchen

If you ever buy embroidery hoops you know this was a bargain. I paid $5.00 for this pile of old hoops. There were at least 12 hoops there, and the older ones are usually much sturdier than the new ones. Bonus! 

This one I almost passed up, but Nicholas told me to get it and figure out what I would do with it later. It was $4.95, and like new. It just needs a fun new color. Maybe when I get my office organized [yeah right] it can find a home in there. 

These next little beauties weren't from that store, but I bought them from a bride whose wedding I shot a couple of weeks ago. I told her if she got rid of them to let me know, and she only wanted $20 for all three! I couldn't pass that up. 

In addition to all this I have a shelf in my basement that needs some stain so it can be hung in my living room. That blank spot is just staring me down, and I am eager to get it up and filled with pretties! Until then...I will be knee deep in photos! 

Be happy! 

-Katie Beth

Monday, October 3, 2011

Couples session...with us!!!

I have been wanting to get some updated photos of me and the mr. since early summertime. A few weeks ago I just penciled it in on my calendar so I would make time for it...despite the mess in my house and the other photos and projects that need my attention. Nicholas, though he is sometimes silly, was a great sport. I thought we got some pretty good ones considering the fact that we used a timer and remote...and I think my remote battery was dying. Some of the shots took some dancing on his part to get it to work! Here are a few of my favorites: 

We might try again some other time with a fresh remote battery. I have a cute idea for some holiday photos! 

Be happy! 
-Katie Beth