Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Junk store goodies!

I am so thankful to have had this morning off work so that I could get started on some things. I feel much better just having given my kitchen a good deep cleaning and getting my bedroom mostly partially back in order. I still have a dandy to-do list, but I know if I can get the house back in order I will work much better. I have big plans for a super productive Saturday! If When I get my list knocked out I have some fun projects to work on. It will be a great reward! I still haven't done anything with the awesome free headboard that I brought home weeks ago, and it is calling my name. Plus, we stopped at an antique store on the way back from Arkansas, and I found some good stuff. I didn't have high hopes when we went in, but that usually brings the most awesome finds! 

I got this neat little hinged bench [which looks worse in person than in the photo] for $7.50. I don't hate the fabric, but it is gross and the padding is worn out. I plan to give it a fresh coat of paint on the ugly green legs and find some cute fabric for the top.

I also found this great fork and spoon for $3.00. A fresh coat of white paint will do the trick to make them pop off my bright turquoise walls in my kitchen

If you ever buy embroidery hoops you know this was a bargain. I paid $5.00 for this pile of old hoops. There were at least 12 hoops there, and the older ones are usually much sturdier than the new ones. Bonus! 

This one I almost passed up, but Nicholas told me to get it and figure out what I would do with it later. It was $4.95, and like new. It just needs a fun new color. Maybe when I get my office organized [yeah right] it can find a home in there. 

These next little beauties weren't from that store, but I bought them from a bride whose wedding I shot a couple of weeks ago. I told her if she got rid of them to let me know, and she only wanted $20 for all three! I couldn't pass that up. 

In addition to all this I have a shelf in my basement that needs some stain so it can be hung in my living room. That blank spot is just staring me down, and I am eager to get it up and filled with pretties! Until then...I will be knee deep in photos! 

Be happy! 

-Katie Beth

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