Tuesday, August 23, 2011

[fun] productive weekend

It was a great weekend around here full of fun and [fun] productivity. Saturday we went out for some shopping without having to rush home. We had lunch, hit some sales, and of course went to Hobby Lobby. Saturday night and Sunday after church I had some time to work on some paintings and other things I had started last week. I got several packages of cupcake toppers finished [with more ideas coming], finished up a pretty time consuming hand embroidery project, and finished one commissioned painting, a couple to add to my inventory, and one old, ugly store bought piece transformed into a fantastic chalkboard for the bakery! Phew! 

These are just a couple of samples of the toppers I did. I used a lot of the papers from the "Sweet Stack" I got on clearance last week. 

The commissioned piece: it kind of a repeat of a previous project in a different color [per her request].

Here are a couple that I did to add to my inventory of things to sell [or to the growing display in my living room]. I am not so sure how I feel about the first one. I still LOVE the previous notebook paper piece I did, but I don't like this font. It isn't as clean and sharp. It may get painted over.

I like the playfulness of this one. 

And this is one of my favorite things that I will have a hard time parting with. Not only was it very time consuming, but I just like it...even though I don't need any more of these in my house.

I didn't get a before photo of the chalkboard and frame, but I will have to get an after. It looks fantastic now, and the bright red frame will be a great pop of color in the bakery. 
Be happy...and [fun] productive! 


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I haven't had much time to create this week, but I did put this little bit together while taking a breather and watching some TV Monday night. I have had this frame [that was a cheap, brassy finish in its former life] sitting on a shelf in my bedroom for months now. It has been neglected for too long, and after finding a great deal on a cute "Stack" of 12x12 paper I put some of it to use.

It is nothing spectacular or difficult, but I think it is cute and just what that shelf needed. Now I just need to make something for the empty frame sitting beside it!

Be happy.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Baby things

So while I was in Arkansas Georgie's nursery went from totally bare to pretty darn cute. The furniture had arrived, but the walls were blank and the window without curtains. On Thursday I painted a few things on the wall to match the bedding from Pottery Barn. 

That night I finished up the piece I had been working on for her, and Brad hung it over the crib. It turned out great! Luckily we have a handy and helpful Dad to cut us giant branches for things like this. He doesn't even question our crazy requests any more. 

By Saturday my talented aunt had these cute curtains finished from the fabric that Candice had picked out. 

My handy father also made these cute wooden shelves and birdhouses. She wanted color but only in a light wash so I just watered down some basic acrylic paint, leaving the wood grain to show through. They really look cute and help bring some color over to that side of the room. 

 I ordered the print of one of the maternity shots that was supposed to be a surprise at the shower, but I couldn't help but give it to her since it arrived while I was there.
I also ordered this print of Charlie for the room. Love that dog...

It is coming together nicely, and I can't wait to help her finish putting it together. 

Be happy.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hooray for Saturday!

I finally got the opportunity to do another Senior photo session here in Odessa yesterday morning. We started early [7:30] to make the most of the shade and the cooler weather, and it definitely paid off. It was getting really hot when we finished. Samantha was a lot of fun and willing to walk around the back allies of Odessa [less scary than it might sound] as well as wade through the wet grass in her bare feet! As a result I found lots of good spots in town, and we made great use of the space out at June's barn. I had such a hard time picking favorites. She was a great model! 

I have been obsessed with this turquoise door since the first time I saw it last summer. 

The ironwork door is another one I have been wanting to photograph for a while. 

Love these chalkboards from Hobby Lobby for sessions. Definitely worth the $3.00 I paid for them. 

Even though I had other things that probably should have been done first, I was itching to work on some paintings. I am still wanting to get an inventory built up so I can open an etsy store, so I went outside and just started spray painting the few canvases that I had. I ended up finishing this one completely while Nicholas and I watched a movie last night. I love it, and I will have to make myself not add it to the collection in my living room. I have quite a grouping of paintings that I made with intentions to sell, but then they fit so nicely on either side of my fireplace....

I have more paintings in mind so I am hoping to get to work on some more this week. I also must get my baby shower lists finalized and finish up all those projects. It will be here soon! 

Be happy...and awesome! 


Monday, August 1, 2011

Accordion wheels galore!

I am just getting more and more excited about baby shower projects! During our weekend of movie watching I worked on these little beauties: 

I am kind of addicted to making them, and they are so easy. Nicholas [sweet guy that he is] even helped with a lot of the folding during a movie yesterday. 

I am excited about heading to Arkansas this week and helping get the nursery put together. It is going to be way cute. I can't wait until it all comes together! 

Be happy!