Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hooray for Saturday!

I finally got the opportunity to do another Senior photo session here in Odessa yesterday morning. We started early [7:30] to make the most of the shade and the cooler weather, and it definitely paid off. It was getting really hot when we finished. Samantha was a lot of fun and willing to walk around the back allies of Odessa [less scary than it might sound] as well as wade through the wet grass in her bare feet! As a result I found lots of good spots in town, and we made great use of the space out at June's barn. I had such a hard time picking favorites. She was a great model! 

I have been obsessed with this turquoise door since the first time I saw it last summer. 

The ironwork door is another one I have been wanting to photograph for a while. 

Love these chalkboards from Hobby Lobby for sessions. Definitely worth the $3.00 I paid for them. 

Even though I had other things that probably should have been done first, I was itching to work on some paintings. I am still wanting to get an inventory built up so I can open an etsy store, so I went outside and just started spray painting the few canvases that I had. I ended up finishing this one completely while Nicholas and I watched a movie last night. I love it, and I will have to make myself not add it to the collection in my living room. I have quite a grouping of paintings that I made with intentions to sell, but then they fit so nicely on either side of my fireplace....

I have more paintings in mind so I am hoping to get to work on some more this week. I also must get my baby shower lists finalized and finish up all those projects. It will be here soon! 

Be happy...and awesome! 


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