Monday, August 15, 2011

Baby things

So while I was in Arkansas Georgie's nursery went from totally bare to pretty darn cute. The furniture had arrived, but the walls were blank and the window without curtains. On Thursday I painted a few things on the wall to match the bedding from Pottery Barn. 

That night I finished up the piece I had been working on for her, and Brad hung it over the crib. It turned out great! Luckily we have a handy and helpful Dad to cut us giant branches for things like this. He doesn't even question our crazy requests any more. 

By Saturday my talented aunt had these cute curtains finished from the fabric that Candice had picked out. 

My handy father also made these cute wooden shelves and birdhouses. She wanted color but only in a light wash so I just watered down some basic acrylic paint, leaving the wood grain to show through. They really look cute and help bring some color over to that side of the room. 

 I ordered the print of one of the maternity shots that was supposed to be a surprise at the shower, but I couldn't help but give it to her since it arrived while I was there.
I also ordered this print of Charlie for the room. Love that dog...

It is coming together nicely, and I can't wait to help her finish putting it together. 

Be happy.


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