Friday, January 6, 2012

and I call myself a photographer...

Okay, so yesterday when we got home we suddenly had our cable, phone and Internet shut off because the bill had gone up a ridiculous $80! We knew we definitely didn't need the phone, and cable was something we could live without since we only watch certain things, and those certain things are available online. It also takes up a lot of our time with just random shows that we could definitely go without seeing. I know it is a distraction for me. Even though I may work while I watch tv, it definitely slows down my progress. It will be an adjustment, but I think it will be better. I thought I would be super productive today [which can still is early!], but I did find wireless on the end of our couch [since our new Internet provider will be up and running until Tuesday]. I hate that I felt so icky about not being able to check my email, etsy, and blogs. I wasn't expecting anything major in my email or tons of etsy sales, but I just felt like I might be missing something. Honestly, I am ashamed to have become so dependent on it...yet here I sit, typing a blog post. Bleh...

While reading my daily blog list I saw more than a handful of recaps of the year, month-by-month, in photos. I came to the realization that if I were to do that I would have one or two photos of me and the mr, and I would have lots of photos of paintings and craft projects. I am glad that I have documentation of almost everything I have created. I like being able to look back at these and sharing my work with others. However, I know in 10 years, 20 years, and even further down the road I will not be worried about a pillow I made for my couch or what was on my mantel. I will miss the shots of us going on a date, working in the yard, or just spending the evening on the couch. All year I have said that I needed to take more photos...yet all year I have failed to do so 95% of the time. I did make a point to get shots of the birthday boy this year, but I was sad to realize that neither one of us even remembered what we did on my birthday. How sad is that? So that is a birthday lost because I am too lazy or just too forgetful to take photos. How can I call myself a photographer and capture other peoples memories and have so few images from the last year of my life? All year I have been wanting to participate in Emily's Embrace the Camera, but have I done it? Of course not. This is not a post about a New Year's resolution. This is just a realization I have had, and a vow to myself to try my very hardest to do better so at this time next year I can remember what we did in 2012 whether it was big or small. I will keep my camera handy, I will utilize my tripod, and I will not be so picky about shots being less than perfect when I don't have my tripod. Here I go...wish me luck.

And here is one of those not-so-perfect photos that I will embrace over the next year. Sure the lighting is pretty terrible, it is not perfectly framed...but I love it.

Be happy...and capture it!

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