Tuesday, February 21, 2012

a pretty productive rut

*Disclaimer: These photos are horrible because my house has the darkest rooms with the yellowest light ever. And yes, any after-dark photographs take place in my bathroom because it is mostly white and is, therefore, the brightest of the darkest rooms ever.

So I mentioned that I have been a craft rut...but even in my rut I managed to make this
[layered necklace with hand stamped and baked charms]

and this 

[and your welcome for snapping a photo of it on my I-just-worked-out hair [gross] so you could hopefully see it better..even though you can't, but I promise I took 3 different ones, and they all looked exactly like this]

...and now I have decided that it looks kind of dumb in the photo, but I promise it is cute. I wear it all the time, and these metal headbands are AWESOME. They don't hurt your ears like most. 

My next project is some embroidery...if I can just sit still long enough to do it. 

Be happy.


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  1. i love your creations! and thank you for the hair link!!! i can't wait till mine is long enough to do some of those things : )