Sunday, February 5, 2012

Simple Things Sunday

The last couple of weeks I have participated in "Simple Things Sunday" over at Simple as That, but so far I have just included a recently completed project. They were simple projects and simple things that made me happy, but I don't know if they truly reflected what Rebecca had in mind. This week as soon as I saw the water drops on my ironing board reflecting the sunlight from my windows, I knew it was the perfect photo...or at least a photo that would make me happy. 

[I will admit that the blur looks kind of Photoshopped, but the only thing I did in PS was a tiny levels adjustment]

I have looked at this photo a lot, and it probably gives me a more pleasant feeling than water drops on an ironing board would give any normal person...but isn't that kind of what "Simple Things Sunday" is all about? [especially since I don't have a dog or a cute kid at my house].


Be happy...and enjoy the simple things. 



  1. I love this! So simple and clean looking.

  2. what an amazing photo! i love! and love that you call you cheeks "extra fluffy" haha too cute.

  3. Great capture! I agree, it is exactly what its all about...I think you did an awesome job!!!

  4. AWESOME shot! I just love it! I swear I sat here staring at it for about 10minutes hehehe! It's entrancing :)
    I'm hosting a photo/blog project over on my blog, which I thought you might be interested in joining in with, with your great photo skill:

    Claire :)