Monday, February 20, 2012

Accordion Wheels [take two]

I have kind of been in a craft rut. It has been one of those times when I am just trying way too hard, and I wanted to feel creative so badly. It just wasn't happening. I came home from work on Friday, and I made this pillow just because I wanted to make something. 

It is okay, but it wasn't a project that I was super excited about. It didn't give me that project "high" that I needed. 

That is when it hit me [after three miles on our new treadmill, Woo!] of those ideas that is so simple, but I feel like it is brilliant. One of those ideas that makes me wonder, "Why am I just now thinking of this?". I had just done the post about my bunting obsession, and while photographing my bunting around the house I was reminded of the accordion wheels I made for my sister's baby shower. I hated that they were just hanging in the closet waiting for the next [girly] reason to celebrate, so I decided to give them new life. I pulled them from the closet, cut the yarn I used to hang them before, made 3 new, large ones to go with them, and...

I just attached them with masking tape so they will be easy to take down if when I am ready for a change. I think Nicholas thought they were silly [and maybe he is right], but I love them just the same. They add a little cheer to the dining room, it was super easy, and it gave me the project fix I needed. 

I also have full intentions of doing some embroidery on that lamp shade as soon as I get a chance...but my dirty house is calling so I must get busy. 

Be happy...and silly! 


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