Friday, February 17, 2012

Craft Sunday

Sunday I had a date with 2 cute little girls, and we had all kinds of fun. They were my craft buddies for the day and kept me company. I really expected an unenthusiastic reaction when I suggested that we make handmade valentines for their school party, but I was surprised when both girls were on board with the idea. Of course they also were super pumped about getting to come over and bring their Just Dance 3 game, but the valentines actually came first. I knew I had enough stamps to get the job done, so they cut lose on some printable business cards I had laying around [they are so handy for all kinds of projects]. They made some pretty cute valentines if you ask me! 

They used my tiny love stamp made from the pencil eraser along with some heart stamps, my "hello" banner and "just for you" stamp I got for $1 each, my super cool customizable stamp that Nicholas got me for Christmas, and my set of alphabet stamps.  


The girls did a really good job on the valentines, and after that we had ice cream, played Just Dance 3, made some cute jewelry using the Sculpey...but don't think it was all fun and games.

 There was some serious stuff going on. 

 I am so super duper excited that my mr is off work tomorrow, and we are going to get to spend the whole day together. Eeeek! I have some projects I want to work on as well, so hopefully I can get some things I need for those while we are out and about. And next weekend I am finally going to make it back to Arkansas! I am missing my Georgie, and I am so excited about seeing everyone. 

Be happy!


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