Wednesday, February 15, 2012

not your average Valentine's day

I am thankful for a husband who knows that I don't care about roses and babies breath with a big plastic bow on a kind of ugly green vase and going out to dinner just to stand in line for an hour because that is the same idea as every other man in existence. Don't get me wrong...this girl loves flowers, and I know that sometime he will buy me flowers again. However, it will not be on the day that he is expected to buy me flowers, and they will be more creative than roses because he is observant and a good listener. Plus, if I got flowers right now they would just make my house look bad because it is so dirty...but I digress. What I am saying is that I am thankful for a husband who: 

  • works hard to provide for us AND attends school full-time so that he can better provide for us in the future
  • came to see me at the bakery before he left for work yesterday since I left before he was [fully] awake
  • told me what he really wanted for dinner on Valentine's Day was frozen pizza because he knew I wouldn't want to cook after being on my feet all day
  • left me a sweet handwritten note on the counter so it was the first thing I saw when I came home
  • bought me Just Dance 3 for Valentine's Day because I said it was fun, and he remembers things like that because he is a thoughtful gift-giver
  • gladly ate a frozen pizza on a paper plate so I wouldn't have any dirty dishes to wash
  • played Just Dance 3 with me and sweated his booty off [because he got way more into it than I do] even though I kind of yelled at him for being in my space and for accidentally hitting my hand with his Wii remote
  • is going to take me to buy a treadmill this weekend [his only Saturday off this whole month] because I am tired of waiting for warm weather to start jogging again, and I really, really want one
There are lots of other reasons he is good, but these were just things that made me thankful yesterday. He is fun, and I love him, Valentine's day or not. 

And since I failed once again at taking photos on a holiday, I will share a photo of the Valentine I made for Nicholas [because I always remember to take photos of inanimate objects].

I have some fun stuff that has been going on that I want to post about, but I have some important photo orders to get done. I am hoping to have that accomplished tonight! I have some things that have been on my list way too long!  Until then...

Be happy! 


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  1. I love this...your rant about silly men on V-day, the reasons your thankful for sweet Nicholas, and your comment about taking pictures of inanimate objects. :-) Needless to say, your post made me giggle today.