Saturday, February 11, 2012

100th blog post!!!

I don't know why, but I noticed recently that I was getting close to my 100th post. I felt like I should have something exciting to post, but there isn't that much super exciting stuff going on around here. I started doing some brainstorming about some new things that I could be doing around the blog. So in honor of my 100th post I made a list of 100 10 goals for my blog in the next 100 posts. 

1. Learn some html and get a blog design that I am happy with
2. Continue to Embrace the Camera
3. At least 4 quality posts each week
4. A regular weekly or monthly blog feature
5. Keep a running list of blog posts, goals, and ideas...
6. Share a post featuring other bloggers
7. Continue to evolve new brand of my photography
8. Don't stop creating
9. Don't worry about followers or comments, but post about things that interest me
10. Be happy!!!

I make lists all the time, but it seems to be beneficial when I blog about my lists. It holds me somewhat accountable, and makes me get things done. Now I will be able to refer back to this list and hopefully knock these things out in no time! 

 On a different note...

I was sitting on the couch looking at my cute bunting on my shelf, and it kind of made me laugh. Nicholas is always giving me a hard time about my bunting obsession and how we have it everywhere. I decided to share all of my bunting around the house. Maybe it proves my obsession, but if that is true it is all for Nicholas. 

1. living room shelf bunting
2. photo and clothespin bunting [office]
3. doily bedroom bunting
4. chalkboard bunting [office]
5. Yes, I even have bunting in my photos
6. office bunting [this was my first ever diy bunting]

These aren't including my seasonal buntings that are stashed away in the closet. So yeah...maybe I have an obsession, but at least it is a cute one! 

Be happy! 


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  1. Happy 100th post! And such respectable blog goals!