Friday, October 11, 2013

The past week...

I have been pretty absent around here. Mainly because last week I:

  • baked upwards of 700 cupcakes
  • packed my bags [a bit haphazardly]
  • drove 6 hours to AR
  • took some Christmas card photos for my sis
  • experienced tons of laughs and much needed snuggles with my favorite birthday girl
  • helped throw a Barney birthday party: TOTAL SUCCESS
  • got to see my best girly friend for the first time in FOREVER 
  • accidentally used my mister's toothbrush
  • took some rigged [as usual] Christmas card photos of us
  • drank way to much diet Dr. Pepper
  • drove 6 hours back to MO-felt like 20 hours
  • had a near death experience heart attack run-in with a big, nasty spider right outside my back door
  • made chili for the first time this fall and got to spend 2 out of 3 nights with my mister [small miracle]  
  • start going through all the sweet photos I took of my girl during my visit

Overall, I cannot deny that it was a fantastic week. I am so thankful for my visits with my family, and I am already looking forward to more get-togethers during the upcoming holidays. We spend Thanksgiving in Missouri, where my fantastic mother-in-law makes it feel like home. Then it is another semester down [and just one to go!] followed by our annual Howell girls trip to Branson! So much to look forward to and be thankful for. 


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