Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sis

Last weekend was my sister's birthday. Sadly we were not able to be around for the festivities, but we will be celebrating some more next week when the mr and I head down for Spring Break. My sister is one person who always appreciates my handmade gifts, so of course, I had fun getting her gift together. It didn't take me long at all to figure out what I wanted to make for her. 

On my last trip down she really went on about my shirt that I designed and had Emily of The Purple Possom print on a shirt for me. We are both avid glue gun users. We agree that almost anything can be fixed or assembled with a little bit of hot glue, so I knew this was the perfect gift for her [please ignore the wrinkles]. 

She has also had me brainstorming with her about plans for their new house they will be building, so that made it easy to come up with these: 

The bunting is made with the leftover fabric from her sunroom window seats, and I overlaid that with lace fabric and stitched around it. I had the thin green ribbon laying around, and I stitched across that to complete one of the quickest [yet satisfying!] projects ever. 

I just bought the little $.99 chipboard letters at Hobby Lobby, spray painted them, and wrapped them with a bit of coordinating yarn to match the colors she uses often in her home. These were made to incorporate into the gallery wall I am going to help her with. 

One other thing she had seen of mine was my Sculpey charm necklace, and she quickly said she wanted one. I wrote that down on my mental notepad, and her necklace ended up way cuter than mine!

There is one letter for each member of her family plus a couple of cute love charms. I went ahead and mailed this one with her card. This was the packaging [one of my favorite parts]: 

I can't wait to give her the rest of her things. We have always enjoyed giving each other gifts because it is so fun and easy to find/create things for one another. I never worry if she will like my gifts, and they are always appreciated.

Be happy! 


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