Monday, March 26, 2012

Things I am excited about today

I have lists of things I could take photos of and post about, but there are so many! I have projects in the works, things I am getting accomplished, and things that just plain make me happy. I decided all of these things deserved a little recognition today.

I am pumped about:
  • the gorgeous weather...who wouldn't be?!
  • all the pieces that will soon come together to cozy up my deck
  • going to the City Market on Saturday for my birthday
  • having lunch with the mr on Saturday
  • havin friends and family over for a weenie roast Saturday night
  • my deer antler project [for those of you who know me well...believe it]
  • the new color of the old cabinet from my basement...can't wait to finish it! 
  • my new books about Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • my tulips and bleeding heart plant blooming outside my back door
  • that Nicholas has tomorrow night off so we can work in the yard together
  • the adorable owl planter [from my sis] that now greets me at the top of the deck stairs
  • finding out that I have no wisdom teeth
  • the super awesome terrarium container my super sweet mother-in-law gave me for an early birthday gift
  • finally hanging the last frame for my wall collage in my bedroom

I have a ton of things going on in my head right now with projects that I can't wait to start. Now I just have to get busy! 

Be happy...and pumped! 


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