Sunday, March 18, 2012

let's spoon

Friday night was a super productive night for me. I washed a ton of dishes, made Georgie some paci clips [I should probably photograph those], wrapped my sis's birthday gifts, ran a mile outside, got caught up on some, and I made this cute print for my bedroom gallery wall...which will be complete as soon as I can find some way to hang that last frame that has no hanger on the back. 

I pretty much love it. 

I have gone from super on top of things with the blogging situation this past week, and I am sure I will be pretty absent in the coming week since I am heading south. I do have lots of projects rolling around in my brain for when I get back, and I just can't wait to get started on them!

And even though this isn't an adorable child or a cute is a super simple thing that makes me happy, so I am linking up with Rebecca for Simple Things Sunday!

Be happy! 



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    1. I will tell you a secret. It is an old document frame that my dad got some award in at work! Haha. I just painted it with Rustoleum brand spray paint from Home Depot. I don't remember what the color is called...I think it is ballet slipper or something, but you can't miss it!