Friday, December 30, 2011

Around the house

Today has been kind of a blah day, and I am feeling rather unproductive. I don't really feel like doing anything at I am not. I did however get busy the last couple of days. I finally got my house back in order [for the most part] and I have a few projects that have been halfway finished for a while. I finally got my shelf [number 5 on my 2012 list] put together. It has been up for a while, but just held random things that had no other home. 

Now it holds several things that I especially love: 

The full set of the "Little House" books [Thanks, Mom]. 
The green bottle and globe that Nicholas got me for Christmas. 
The old Brownie from my sis and the Kodak VR35 that belonged to my maternal grandmother.
The colorful tin that always makes me think of doing the Nativity at my paternal Grandparents' on Christmas Eve. 

I also swapped out the painting in the dining room for a new one. 

The mr suggested that I should create a set of paintings with men in mind. "Lord today please grant me patience {or Wolverine claws would be nice too}" This was one of his suggestions. Well, after I blew our Christmas budget with his Kindle Fire I was trying to figure out a way to put more gifts under the tree for him. I knew this was perfect! 

I think he liked it. 

Tomorrow is his birthday so I think I will get off the couch and do a few things to prepare for that. I have a cake to make...and if he is lucky he will get some bunting [that is only fun if you know that he is not the biggest fan of bunting]. Maybe I can figure out another way to make his day festive...glitter maybe?

Be happy...and festive!

-Katie Beth


  1. The shelf and picture arrangement are super adorable, as is your precious and extremely excited husband :-)

  2. Oh, thanks, Jess. I can always count on you to encourage. I love you for it!