Friday, December 23, 2011

packin' up

And I don't just mean my suitcase! Before I took the leap and opened my store there was a lot more to think about than I might have expected. One of those things that I hadn't really thought much about was packaging, but I soon realized I had to have a clear packaging plan before I could even hope for a sale. I haven't made an etsy sale yet, but I did make a sale locally. I experimented with some packaging that had been running around in my head, and I think I like it. Thanks to the mr for my super awesome stamp. It is what I was counting on to make the packaging complete. Thanks to Danni for introducing me to the stamp on her cute blog!

This is a shot of the packaging I came up with today. A little kraft paper, lace, yarn, and a paper doily...voila! 

Today we are heading down to spend Christmas with my family. I am so glad that Nicholas gets to go with me this time, and of course I am eager to see Georgie!

Be happy...and cheerful! 

-Katie Beth

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