Saturday, December 10, 2011

I love progress!

I have spent the last two nights in the basement [a.k.a. my painting studio], and I am so excited about my progress. I am glad that I have progress to show because my tub needs a good scrubbing, and I couldn't even find a clear spot on my countertop big enough to make a sandwich for dinner. I was thinking about last winter when I was staying home and how I made my bed every day and always kept the dishes washed. Now I feel accomplished when I get the sheets washed and the [maybe] two nights a week that the dishes are done. Then I realized how thankful I am for a husband who doesn't say anything about the counter being covered with dirty dishes, about the project currently covering the living room rug, or the fact that we eat something that involves a mix coming out of a box almost every night that we don't eat out. It sounds terrible, and I don't hate cooking. I just enjoy painting, sewing, and creating so much that I am usually starving before I even think about what is for dinner...and the mr. never says a word. He eats canned soups and frozen burritos without a single complaint, and I am thankful. He has encouraged me as I prepare to open my etsy store, bought and assembled shelves to hold my paint, and he is more than helpful in the practical decisions concerning my business. He encourages me always, and I am thankful. Because he is so laid back about these things [as well as supportive] I have around 15 paintings ready to post and at least that many more than are only awaiting text. Thank you, Nicholas.

This is where the magic happens: 

Magical, right? 

I know it is not a dreamy space with turquoise walls, bright floral patterns and crisp white shelving, but it is perfectly functional. I can slop and drip paint as much as I want, and I don't have to worry about ruining carpet. I know it is kind of creepy, really dirty, and not the most inspiring, but I am super thankful for this space. 

I worked today on photographing my completed paintings, and I am hoping to be up and running soon! Technically I have completed #12 on my list! I have also completed #1, #2, #5, #10, & #11.

Be happy...and thankful! 

-Katie Beth

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