Saturday, November 5, 2011

The great office overhaul of 2011

Today was a busy day, but it was a nice change of pace. This morning I went with my mother-in-law to a craft fair and a few antique shops. I was home in time to work on some things [before the Sweet and Savory event tonight], but I just couldn't sit in front of a computer screen editing photos today. Don't get me wrong...I love photography and editing and all that, but a girl needs a break every now and then! My office has been a horrendous disaster for such a long time. I think it has gotten even worse because since I got my laptop I can just leave the room and still work without looking at the mess. My craft table has been so piled that I couldn't even use it, and everything that didn't have a place elsewhere in the house ended up in the floor of that room. This is what resulted: 

I is can barely walk...I am ashamed...

The only reason I even [hang my head and] share this is in hopes that it will make me work even harder to get it in a condition that is presentable. I worked on it quite a bit today, and I made a lot of progress. I still have shelves to hang, and lots of organization to get done. It will get there though! I plan to do some more work on it Sunday afternoon if possible. I am actually looking forward to it! 

Be happy...and don't judge me because of my dirty office/craft space. 

-Katie Beth

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