Friday, November 25, 2011

fun to-do

I am so excited about this weekend. I get to stay home for 4 whole days!!! I think we might make an outing after church on Sunday, but that doesn't count. It will be fun too! My fun to-do list for the long weekend includes: 

-finish decorating for Christmas
-Clean! [yes, I am that excited about having a clean house again]
-finish up some handmade Christmas gifts
-complete at least 4 paintings
-cook something yummy
-work on my crochet project
-wrap presents
-watch Christmas movies with the mr.

I am having project A.D.D. right now. I keep jumping around because I can't decide what I want to do first! This is just a tiny peek at some the gift projects I am working on. I have been obsessed with this turquoise fabric for a while now, and I love the gray dots. 

It is getting merrier around here all the time! 

Be happy...and merry! 

-Katie Beth

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