Friday, November 11, 2011

Last Sessions of the Season

I am back in Arkansas for my last group of photo sessions for the year. The weather is getting too cold, the holidays will get so busy, and I want to enjoy that time with my family. I always enjoy my sessions, but along with my other job it does take a lot out of me at times. I hope to get caught up and stay caught up so that I can work on my paintings. It has really been working on me that I couldn't get time to clean my house much less pick up a paint brush. I look forward to Spring and the sessions that will come with it. I will be refreshed with new ideas and updates full of helpful information added to my website and Facebook page. So really, I am taking this break to revamp some things and make some improvements. Hopefully it will only make things bigger and better! 

I did have a late afternoon session yesterday with a couple of cute kids. Darcie is a doll with tons of spunk, and Cole [who has grown up a lot since I last saw him!] is a sweet kid and a great big brother. 

I have two sessions Sunday, and then I am wrapping it up. Then I will be in Christmas shopping mode full force! I am looking forward to Zona Rosa with the mr, Branson with mom, Candi, and Georgie, and all the other fun things the holidays will bring. Hopefully I will have lots of Christmas crafties and transformations to share as well! 

Be happy...and festive! 

-Katie Beth

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