Thursday, September 8, 2011

So far....

So far this trip I ate Mexican food with family, did an EARLY engagement session, visited with a friend, had lunch with my dad, killed some time, did a bridal session, went to a fish fry, made s'mores, snuggled a puppy, and had lunch with my mom. It has been a busy but fun trip so far. I am looking forward to a family session this afternoon that I have some cute ideas for. Tomorrow I am going to get started on some baking for the baby shower, and I am looking forward to that. 

Here are a couple of shots from yesterday's engagement session. They were a very sweet couple and braved the unseasonably cold weather for our shoot. 

Just when I think I am not doing enough sessions to even bother, I get bombarded with requests for sessions...even more than I can schedule right now! I am back to having a waiting list for my trips to Arkansas, and I am very excited about it. It has sometimes a struggle to juggle the sessions with my family time, but right now I am making it work with my frequent trips. I am thankful for that opportunity as well as Mary being so understanding when I leave the bakery for a week at at time. 

I am blessed and optimistic about future endeavors...and practicing time management!

Be happy...and optimistic! 


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