Monday, September 19, 2011

In need of two Mondays...

Never thought I would say that, but since Monday is my day off I feel like I need two of them to get all the extra things done! My to-do list seems like it is a mile long:

-Finish getting through Megan's wedding photos
-Lindsay's wedding photos
-Alina's photo book order
-switch out some fall and summer clothes
-Clean the bathroom
-Really clean the kitchen
-put away baby shower things from last weekend
-put the office/craft room back together 
-Emily's large nursery painting
-Embroidery aprons for the bakery
-Casey's photo order
-Fill order for rosette earrings
-Photo collage for Megan
-Cook up some meals for the week 
-Organize my calendar [in a big way]
-Iron a ton of shirts

That is all I can think of right this minute, but I'm sure the list will grow before shrinking. So...while I am working I leave you with this shot from Travis and Lindsay's wedding on Saturday: 

Be happy!

-Katie Beth

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