Friday, September 2, 2011

baby shower fun

So I never know where these things come from. I had no intention of working on straws and making baby paintings when I got home. I just have been feeling like I really need to get busy putting the final things together for the baby shower. At the same time I feel like there isn't much left for me to do, but I am afraid that I will get to Arkansas and feel like I have nothing. I keep looking over my lists, but I think most of it will just be gathering things before I leave. I plan to do a walk through and use a lot of the things from my house. I also have the glass bottles for drinks, mason jars, the accordion wheels, and now these: 

I had already purchased the paper straws online, and I designed the flags in photoshop, printed, and attached them to the already adorable straws. The cans were just recycled cans from the kitchen, fabric and yarn scraps, and some hand drawn cardstock tags.

I also sat down to a blank canvas with no idea what I was going to do...and this is what happened!

[excuse the poor photo...night time=yucky lighting]

It will, of course, be a gift for Georgie and Mommy, but I can use it at the shower as well. 

Be happy...


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