Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summertime projects...

We have been spending far more time outside and working in the garden than I ever thought I would. I have never been an outside kind of girl, but I am loving getting the yard cleaned up and looking nice. This past weekend we got a lot accomplished, and our garden is looking great!

We picked a few radishes yesterday because the lady at Planters [where we got our seeds] told us they were 21 day radishes, and we needed to pick them 21 days after we planted them. Well, they were a little scraggly so we are going to leave them a bit longer. I don't know if you can tell, but these are not much larger around than a pencil. 

I did actually take the time Saturday to spruce up my old denim bag that I got from Walmart a few years ago. I have been meaning to add something to it for a while, but I finally just made the time. I used fabric scraps and spare buttons to make these cute flower pins. They can be removed so I can use them on different things. I think the project was a success. It helped me rekindle my love with this old bag...

This next one is nothing special, but it is something I have been intending to get to for a while now. I had these old frames that were once white when my sister owned them...then she gave them to me, and I painted them yellow for the I have painted them white again because my bathroom is so darn bland! I have hardly anything in there in the way of decor. I have been struggling since we moved in with what to put on the shallow cabinet under the window. I am still not sure this was the answer, but it is a start!

Of the million pieces of scrapbook paper I own I didn't have any gray and white. I am not very patient so instead of waiting for a trip to Hobby Lobby I used this demask image from google search, turned it to gray and white in photoshop, and added the letters. I may nor may not keep them. Only time will tell...

Be happy!...and grow something!

-Katie Beth

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