Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Monday = A success!

For some reason when I clean my house I always get the urge to change/create/make things. I guess because all the "unfinished" areas of the house are harder to ignore. Whatever the reason I was on a roll last night. I didn't do anything major, but I did spray paint this welcome wall hanging that I got for a wedding gift. I didn't dislike it before, but it just didn't fit with my living room. I also moved it to the closet door for some color, and in its old home I will place a long, narrow, vertical frame.

I also got a really good start on a simple art project I have been thinking about, made some letters for my living room shelf [that isn't up yet], used my chalkboard spray paint for a simple project I will have photos of later, and I finally made some of my own baker's twine after seeing the idea at Life {Sweet} Life [original post by Ucreate]. 

I used a pink highlighter, and it was all over my hands afterward. After drying completely it doesn't seem to rub off of the string anymore. I think it is pretty cute, and I will try other colors soon.

Be happy!...and make something!


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  1. Your sign looks pretty! I bought some string today to try to make my own Bakers twine too! I can't seem to find the real thing, so I'm gonna make my own! Yours looks really nice!