Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Life is good.

So what if I have a million things to do...I like keeping busy. Nicholas and I had a very fun and productive anniversary weekend! Friday night we were able to attend his company picnic at the Royals game. Even though I love baseball I was far more distracted with watching the people than the actual game. We had free tickets, hotdogs and soda, fireworks after the game, and a pretty good time.

Saturday we went to the biggest, most beautiful nursery I have ever been to. I have never seen so many gorgeous flowers! They had some really unusual things that I had never seen. There was one in particular that I wanted, but I forgot to go back and get. I think we will have to make another trip there soon. I would also like to get some things to make a terrarium. I keep trying to talk myself out of it, but I am pretty much obsessed with how they look. I did get a few more succulents for my pot on the deck.

I also got some Golden Creeping Jenny [Gold Moneywort] for a pot there as well. I am super eager to get the deck painted so I can cover it with potted plants and get out our grill and patio furniture.

We also got a couple of hardy hibiscus, a balloon flower, day lilies, hollyhocks, and another one that I can't remember the name of...but I love it! I will hopefully be able to get them in the ground soon. Saturday afternoon I finally got the nasty, weed bed that runs the entire East side of the house cleaned out, and I planted my Hostas there. They are small now, but I know they will soon be thick and crowded. I also planted my caladiums that I have had forever. I am eager to see them pop up!

Sunday was our first wedding anniversary so after church we grabbed some lunch and headed to Kansas City. Nicholas had made reservations at a hotel for a small getaway from home. We went to a movie, did a little shopping, had dinner, and lounged around. I managed to keep the top layer of our cake for tradition's sake. It tasted about as bad as it looked! That is what we expected, and we could barely make ourselves take a nibble. Nicholas said it smelled like Play-Doh.

Knowing that the old cake would taste terrible I planned to make a new cake using our cake topper birds from our wedding. I even had my dad to cut a smaller slice of tree to mimic how we had our wedding cake sitting on a piece of tree. I even made it half white [for me] and half chocolate [for Nicholas]. I was pleased with how it turned out.

Overall it was a great weekend. As always, I wish I would have gotten more photos of the two of us, but I will just have to keep working on that.

Be happy!


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