Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A kind of but not really productive day....sort of

So today I have done very few of the things that I needed to do [clean house, return emails, make grocery list...among other things]. I have, however, completed a few things for my own satisfaction. I was going to wait and post tomorrow, but let's face it...that isn't happening. Tomorrow I have to work, maybe go grocery shopping with Nicholas [who almost always does the grocery shopping, and I love him for it], go to Hobby Lobby [top priority], do some yard work, and go to a VBS meeting at church. So after I did the dishes and pretended to do a few things here and there I finally realized I was only kidding myself. So I: 

1. Made more bunting with cute fabrics and hay baling twine [not pictured because it is hanging on my mantle by blue painters tape].
2. Turned my old marker board that I have had since 6th grade into a much cuter chalkboard [not pictured because I wanted to write something cute on it first, and I have to wait 24 hours to do that].
3. Made this little piece...whatever you want to call it. 


I have another piece in the works, and I am just itching to get to Hobby Lobby so I can work on some more things I have rolling around in my head. But now...more dishes...

Be happy!...and productive [by your own standards].



  1. Very nice! I love the text :)

  2. Thanks so much! Always so excited to have new followers!