Monday, June 13, 2011

pour your heart out

Okay so I did actually get one of my "jobs" done this morning so I am rewarding myself with a quick post about a few small things I have done lately. I did both of these with my living room shelf [that doesn't yet exist] in mind, but as soon as it is up I will have all sorts of things to put on it. 

I did this little drawing yesterday while watching a movie with Nicholas [I am one of those people who cannot just sit and watch a movie without keeping busy with something]. I was just thinking about how much I have been enjoying gardening and wishing I had more time for it. I also have been wanting to do some drawings and maybe design some stationary type products. I still am dreaming of stocking up on things and opening an Etsy store. We shall see...

I am still thinking of functional and cute ways to use the chalkboard spray paint I bought. It could not be easier to use, and it hardly cost any more than my usual colors. I thought this would be a fun way to be able to change things up a little with different messages around the will probably change every time I have to dust it! 

It is always satisfying to finish a project no matter how small. I am SUPER excited for a couple of larger projects I have planned. There is an old headboard that I am getting from my father-in-law that has all these detailed flower carvings on different sections. I am not sure if it will be cut down to a smaller headboard or become something totally different. He also told me I could have this really neat old rocking chair he got at a garage sale. I plan to reupholster the seat and paint it a fun color. It might be something to add to our bare front porch since I have little room for it in the house. The list of projects grows, but that is how I like it! 

Be happy!...and inspired.


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