Thursday, April 7, 2011

Praying for a green thumb

Back in the fall, before we had even moved into our house, I planted tulip bulbs out front by our sidewalk and some by the back step where we enter the house. I have never done a lot of gardening so I just kept fearing that I had wasted my time. I was so afraid that I would begin watching for them and would see nothing. However, I was mistaken, and the feeling you get from seeing those first little green shoots coming up is impossible to explain [for me anyway]. I was thrilled when I just kept seeing more little tips poking through the dirt. I wish I would have photographed them before they got this tall, but I cannot help but have an enormous feeling of pride every time I walk by these little babies by our back entrance. 

I am very excited to watch them grow!

Be happy!

-Katie Beth 

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