Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blooms and Trunks

So yesterday I tried and tried to post, but I couldn't get my photo to upload. I thought it was the server or something, but I guess it was the photo. So here is the photo of our tulip tree in bloom. 

I am glad I took this photo because the wind is blowing like CRAZY, and a lot of the petals are now in the yard. 

So I have been pretty busy since I got home from church. I got some things rearranged in my dining room, hung the "love one another" painting [or watched Nicholas hang it], and made progress on the other painting for that room. It is one of those days when I have the house in the mess and multiple projects started. I did finish one though. I have had this trunk for a while, and it matched my room when I got it years ago. However, it was a little ornate and gold for my taste. I started by cutting the old fabric along the edge, and it ripped off pretty easily. Then I accidentally knocked the super heavy and super sharp knife-box-cutter thing off the table and stabbed a hole in my foot. Ouch. But I survived and replaced the fabric with a little hot glue...of course! I broke the handle when I pulled the fabric off, but I wasn't too upset about that. I kind of like it without it. 

I am still rearranging, so I will have some new photos soon. 

Be happy...and busy!


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