Friday, April 1, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Okay, so I didn't get the project I was working on completed. I actually got halfway through it and realized I totally messed up the definition I was painting. I originally penciled the word and definition of the word happiness...then painted "happinoss". Oops...good thing I wasn't too fond of it anyway. I need to borrow a sander for another project, and then I need to get the stuff so Nicholas can hang my other painting and the super neat "mantel" Daddy made for me out of old, weathered wood. Can't wait! I haven't been as productive since I am having a birthday weekend with Nicholas, but I did get this great camera from my sis. It works perfectly on my coffee table!

I also got Nicholas to go out in the yard for approximately 30 seconds with me this morning to snap this photo. It is squinty because it was super sunny, and there was a tiny patch of shade we sat in. And it is much funnier if you know that I asked him to wear my black [men's] converses just for the photo, and his toes were really squished...and you can't even see his feet. Oops again. 

Be happy! 
-Katie Beth

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