Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Picnic basket makeover

Recently while getting a few of the last things we had stored over at my in-laws' house, I came across this old picnic basket that I had bought at a garage sale last fall. I had been searching for a "real" picnic basket [one that is actually a basket] for a while. I just think they are too cute, and most that I found were old and falling apart or way too expensive...or both. But here is the one that I found [I don't remember how much it cost]. 

Cute, right? Until you opened it up, and found this: 

This photo doesn't actually show how gross it looked, but I figured I could just remove the fabric and replace it.

So then I dug through my fabric stash and found this!

So now my cute picnic basket looks like this:

It was really pretty simple. I just removed the old lining, and used it to create a new one. The old one was actually tied in with what appeared to be fishing line, but I, of course, hot glued mine. I don't expect it to be super durable or last forever, but it satisfies me for now. It will serve its purpose, and it is much cuter. Mission accomplished.

Just last week I went to WalMart, and they had loads of cute, actual picnic baskets with cute floral fabric lining right inside the door. Oh well...buying a new one for $12 is still an option, but wouldn't give me the same satisfaction as using this one will. 

Be happy!


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