Monday, April 11, 2011

I have unfortunately not had much productivity over the weekend as far as my projects go. Friday I was working at the bakery most of the day, but I did have a short photo session that morning with Aubry and her daughter Brooke.

I feel like I have been very productive today, yet I don't have a lot of physical proof of it. I did finally finish a custom artwork that I have been staring at for a month as well as some hair accessory orders. I am glad I can deliver them on my trip down this week and really feel like I can mark them off my list. I really want to get some purple ribbon to hang the "Taylor" painting with, but I may not have time before delivery. 

I still have much to do before I leave tomorrow including finishing another painting, and packing for a week of unpredictable Arkansas weather, and spending time with Nicholas. I am glad to be going and seeing my family, but I am already eager to get back and start more projects! 

Be happy! 


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