Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Color Happy is open for business!!!

After a whole lot of dragging my feet and the much appreciated encouragement from some great gals, my Etsy shop is finally up and running! 

I don't have a ton of items available since I am still working on getting photos taken when I have time and daylight. I also need to get some shots together for my "About" page, but I didn't want to put it off any longer. I had the packaging and shipping supplies on their way, and I had already sold several of the "ain't no melon like a Cave City melon" print. That gave me just the shove I needed to get going!

I am so thankful for sweet friends who have been listening to me debate about doing this, viewed many different versions of many different prints, and have encouraged me the entire way. Thank you, girls.

I am thankful for a sweet, supportive husband who doesn't question me what I get a crazy idea like this and listens to me ramble on about which mailers to order when I know he really doesn't care. Thank you, mister.

I am thankful to the person who purchased a print just a few hours after I posted my first listing. I was totally unprepared, but that just made it even more exciting. Thank you.

I am very nervous, and to be honest, I am so afraid of this failing. I am hopeful, anxious, scared, and excited. I am not expecting to make a million or even $1000 dollars, but it is quite a rush to know that someone wants to purchase something that you have created from start to finish to display in their home. I hope I at least get to experience that rush every now and then.



  1. I have faith! You have come up with a project that is very affordable and beautiful. Throw in a painting every now and then. You have such a great imagination on your paintings. Tell stories of how you come up with ideas. It makes them come to life.

    1. Too bad I can't afford to ship those 500 lb barnwood paintings, huh? ;)

  2. You have already succeeded! Great job Katie!

    1. Thank you, Kristi! You are too sweet! I have been so blessed with all of the encouragement around me already!