Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My new wheels

So I think I have mentioned before that I have the greatest boss on earth...well, a couple of weekends ago when I was home cleaning my booty off she shows up at my back door...with a NEW BIKE! We had been talking about bikes because we saw a cute bicycle basket that I wanted. I commented that I had never had a brand new bike because I always rode my sister's old bikes [do not worry, I was not scarred from this]. So she goes and gets me this cute new bike just for a little extra help I did around the shop. How cool is she?! 

Nicholas and I have been going on bike rides whenever possible.

 I am definitely ready to be able to go a little farther, but my legs are just not there yet. At least my bike is cute! 

[note: I HATE photos of myself, but I am trying to get better at documenting everyday I endure]

Be happy! 


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