Monday, May 14, 2012

Getting happy

So I have been sort of stressed lately...Okay, that is a lie. There was one day that I was so stressed that I nearly cried over dropping a plastic bowl. I am normally not so stressed. I get frustrated, but this past week I felt so tired and anxious and overwhelmed...just plain stressed. I had to work normal [sometimes more] hours, but it was an especially busy week there. Wednesday night I planned to pack for my AR trip, but we ended up planting the garden [much later than we wanted] and trying out our grill for the first time [not as relaxing as it sounds since I seriously threw together the fastest dinner ever and left a ridiculously dirty kitchen to go get more plants]. Thursday night was a fun night out with the mr to see one of his favorite comedians, but even that felt rushed [drive thru dinner in the car] since I was feeling the need to finish getting ready for the craft show and my trip afterwards. Friday I was at work before 7:00 and got home shortly after 5:00 just to grab another quick dinner and head to Warrensburg to set up my booth. I had been so worried about me being out of my league with my booth, but luckily my sweet mother-in-law went with me to help set up. After we left that night I felt so much better about my booth. I wasn't completely done, but I was excited with how it looked so far. I did some rushing around when I got home to pack for my trip to AR as well as gathering up some final things for my booth. On top of all this my house was a disaster, and that always causes me to stress.

It is definitely a week I am glad to see behind me. I am looking forward to spending more time with Nicholas [since he is done with school for the summer] and catching up on several things. I do have a baby shower to plan as well as a few photography projects coming up, but I plan to let myself relax a bit in the near future. I want to take a break from so many projects so that I don't get myself in too deep again. I have allowed my creative endeavors to become a stress point, and I don't want that at all. I have had no time for blogging, gardening, personal projects or time with Nicholas...and it is time for some of those things to take priority. Summer here I come...

  • gardening
  • Anniversary trip with my mr [can't wait!!!!!]
  • kicking back and painting my nails
  • refinishing my old family porch swing
  • picnics
  • dinners on the deck
  • weekend trips and sundresses
  • family visits
  • softball
Hopefully I will have more fun, interesting, and upbeat things to post about soon. Until then, here is a sample of the items that were available at my booth on Saturday.
greeting cards [blank inside]

Be happy! 

-Katie Beth

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