Thursday, May 17, 2012

My new camera...pencil sharpener!

So my thoughtful mom had told me she had something she was excited about giving me [we are big gift-givers in my family] when I got to visit again. When I got there she had found this adorable guy! 

At first I thought of how difficult it would be to hold the sharpener, hold the pencil, and turn the crank. However, the thing has a genius design, and the top part pops out to grip your pencil for you. I love it a lot more than the stupid one I bought that suctioned to my desk [handmade by my dad] and left a big, horrible, black mark that won't come off. Plus, I am just pretty excited about it's cute factor. 

What are some other things I am excited about, you ask? 
  • spending ALL day Saturday with my mr
  • my porch swing project that I can't wait to share
  • getting a lot of things marked off my to-do list
  • the tiny little plants sprouting in our garden
  • our anniversary trip [I think already mentioned that in a previous post, but I am THAT excited about getting away]
  • homemade ice cream tonight
  • doing some much needed spring cleaning, rearranging, and redecorating
  • planning my buddy Megan's baby shower
As always I can't not be busy. I am not good at sitting and doing nothing. However, the current list of things is not nearly as overwhelming as it has been, and I am eager to get some things knocked out so I can get to work on my "fun to-do" list [yes, I really have one of those]. In the mean time...

Be happy! 


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