Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Mixing Bowl Booth

So things are as busy as ever, and I hate that I am not getting to work on things around the house much. I am basically just keeping it so we can function without going crazy. I am itching to get to work in the yard, we still haven't planted our garden [due to rain], and I have so many inside projects I would like to work on. However, I have made progress on the products for the craft show that is less than 2 weeks away! I was kind of freaking out until yesterday. I worked on several things over the weekend, and I made a list of everything I have right now. I plan to do more work on things, but even if I could only take when I have right now I think I would be okay. I will be busy this week prepping more products and figuring out how I will set up my table at the booth. Hopefully it looks as good as the booth Mary and I did for a show this past weekend. We handed out samples and displayed some of our cakes and goodies. Here is how it turned out! [Ignore the ugly, green water cooler that we had to work around].

Wish me luck as I continue to prepare and get more and more nervous!

Be happy! 


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