Sunday, January 19, 2014

What a week...

This week has been somewhat trying. I have been blessed to get to stay home most of this week and get some things done. Nothing major has been accomplished, but it has been a nice change of pace. The mister, on the other hand has not been so lucky. He started back to school on Monday, spent the biggest part of the day on Wednesday at a job interview [then drove back to school for a later class], and worked the majority of the week. Earlier in the week we discovered that our digital outdoor thermometer that we use ALL THE TIME without even thinking is apparently broken. Keep in mind that this is our second one in the whopping 3.5 years we have been married. I am not sure why we cannot keep one of these things. Wednesday afternoon I was on the treadmill and tried to adjust the incline when all of a sudden the control panel wouldn't work AT ALL. I had to pull the emergency cord thing to get it to stop! So big bummer there because it is only a couple of years old, and I was finally getting into the groove of things and feeling good about my accomplishments in that department. I am hoping that we can get it fixed soon without having to buy a part that costs almost as much as a new treadmill [like crossing fingers big time]. This is also the day that the mister discovered that the temperature gauge on my car [after $218 in repairs] was still not working. Another bummer. THEN on Thursday I was in the living room when I heard a strange noise that I thought was the wind that has been blowing like crazy. When I got up to investigate I opened my basement door to discover water shooting out of a pipe across the stairs and soaking the basement. Luckily, my heroic father-in-law was in town and came to the rescue, but I still had to go down there and dry a bunch of stuff that was dripping wet. This was one time that I was actually glad we do not have a nice finished basement so that the water could just go down the drain and drip off the cinder block walls without us having to repair a bunch of water damage. So, like I was an interesting week. 

 All that to say that it had a pretty good ending. It was also nothing major, but the mister was off on Saturday. That is almost unheard of these days, and I have been itching for a day when the two of us could stay home together. We did go for a walk [which turned out to be a less than great idea when we got out and realized it was not quite as warm as we thought], and he had to do quite a bit of homework. But at the end of the day we had our "date night" which, for us, consists of snuggling on the couch in our pajamas, eating pizza, and watching movies. These times are few and far between, so we cherish any opportunity for uninterrupted time together. Also, the thermometer is not something we cannot live without, the treadmill is not a true necessity, the car still works and it could have been much worse, and the water situation caused no real damage.

I know I have talked about it many times here before, but I am so thankful for my guy. He is so good to me and works hard so that we can work towards furthering our dreams together as a couple. I feel like I could never do enough to make up for all the long hours and late nights he works with homework in between. And then he sits on the couch with me and balls all my skeins of yarn. What a guy! 

Sometimes circumstances can make it a little difficult to see the blessings in life. Other times they just help to point them out. I have much to be thankful for.


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  1. I agree. You have a lot of things to be thankful for – for having a good partner in life, for having better days with him. And even there’s a problem comes in on your way like a water damage on your basement, your days still end up good, as long as you're together.

    Barry @