Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Me: 1 Ruffled Curtain: 0

It was probably 3 months ago that I started working on a ruffled curtain for our back door. I am a freak about my windows being covered at night, but I had yet to get anything for that door. I knew I didn't want some store-bought valance, but I am not the greatest seamstress. I think they could sense my lack of confidence, and those ruffles kicked my bottom...until yesterday. I was feeling a little overconfident after my successful ruffled shorts [image below], painted camera, and crazy colored shorts projects. 

So after a lot of frustration, lots of straight pins, and a lot of seam ripping I finally finished! And my dear, sweet husband got them up for me tonight [and I finally started practicing with my $1 garage sale Wacom tablet].

Crazy what a girl can do with four tons of determination and a $3 sheet from Walmart. So now you can't stand on my back deck and see all the way through my house. How nice!...okay, okay, so that is an exaggeration, but I really am a freak about having my windows covered. Now I can go into the kitchen and laundry room after dark even when the mr isn't home! 

Be happy! 


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