Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter and stuff

We had a great Easter around here. We had a great church service [not that that is anything new], put up our new umbrella on our deck, took a pie to a sweet, old neighbor, and had a fantastic meal with family. 

[This is pretty much the same photo of us as always. I must get someone to take one of us that is farther out than my arm's length!]

This next week will be a very busy one since I am heading down to Arkansas again, and I have a handful of photo sessions lined up. I am looking forward to it all, and then I will back home to get ready for my booth at the Warrensburg craft show on May 12th! I am very excited and nervous about it all. I have plans for paintings, some fabric bunting, cake bunting, party hats, packaging items, and my "let's spoon" print. I have been preparing since I was invited a week ago, and I have lots to do before I am ready. I can't wait though!

Be happy!


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