Monday, July 11, 2011

My thumb is greener than I thought

So last week was almost a repeat of the week before as far as how busy it was. I worked quite a few hours and had little to no time to get much done. I did manage to get more photo proofs done today, and I just had to take time to share some of our latest. Yesterday my mother-in-law was kind enough to come over and help us with our first green been canning experience. It took a lot longer than I expected due to the time that you had to leave them in the pressure cooker, and the one we used only held 4 quarts. But we got 11 quarts of green beans canned!! We just had so many more than we could ever eat right now, and they are so good that I am too stingy to share!

Then I went out and picked these today:

In between the times when we were waiting on the pressure cooker I got the cucumbers we had picked over the last 2 days and made some pickles! My mom always made these when we were all at home, and I LOVED them. I am hoping I did everything right so these taste just like I remember. It was all pretty easy and went smoothly except for me cutting a bit off the tip of my finger. Ouch! It bled a lot, but it isn't as bad as I first thought. Hopefully these will make it all worth it!

 It will be hard to stay out of them for a couple of weeks, but luckily I have a great concoction for the cucumbers we will continue to pick. It is just vinegar, sugar, and good!

Other bit of our yard/garden that are doing well: 


Sunflowers...I can't wait for these to bloom! 

So even though I [unintentionally] probably make it look like I have done all this alone I cannot take all the credit. Nicholas is super helpful with everything. He is the regular garden picker and fought through the itchy cucumbers that are taking over everything so he could pick them. He also waters all the flowers with the gallons of water that come off our dehumidifier in the basement. Since he has started doing that our flowers look a million times better!

Be happy...and green! 


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